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Spokane - Tree Root Removal

Tree Pruning and Stump Grinder near Spokane, Washington

Spokane is such a beautiful place to work and live, that the folks at Ironman Stump Grinding want to help keep it that way. There are no other tree removal companies in the area that are as dedicated to stump removal and tree trimming as they are. Their mission is to benefit your property by removing all the unsightly tree stumps from your landscaping, therefore cleaning up and beautifying your yard. 

It goes way beyond stumps, though because they will also do tree removal, tree pruning, root pruning and removal of all those things as well. If you want to get rid of a tree, there’s no better place to call, because from root to tip, that tree will be gone.

Most tree removal companies in Spokane claim to get rid of trees, and perhaps they do, but a lot of the time the stump remains. 

Not with Ironman Stump Grinding. We will come in with our stump grinding machine and not only grind your stump, but we’ll also throw it into our machine, which will pulverize it into mulch.

We have been a locally owned and operated company since 2005, but have lived and been involved with the Spokane community for 20 years! We have a vested interest in the beauty of our town and we would love for it to stay that way.

Ironman Stump Grinding is fully licensed (IRONMSG936LE), bonded and insured, so you know that you’ll never have anything to worry about with the work that we do for you.  If this accreditation isn’t enough, just ask us about references and we’ll be happy to get some for you.

Since we are independently owned, know that the only reason that we’ve stayed in business for as long as we have is because of our loyal customers. 

So every time we come out to a property to do stump grinding services, tree trimming services, or tree root removal, we make sure that we treat our customers like we would want to be treated – with professionalism, respect and honesty.

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